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The Highest Standard Of Health Care

Candice & James Myers - Managing Directors

We are a dynamic chiropractic team, welcoming you to our vibrant centre of wellness where we aim to provide our members the space and knowledge to transform their health, and live their fullest health potential.


  • In-clinic appointments are available, all measures  are in place for a safe treatment approach.
  • Call us to discuss options if you have any main Covid-19 symptoms, or have had contact with someone who has.
  • Booked appointments will go ahead as planned but watch out for a contact beforehand  as we may make slight time adjustments to manage footfall.
  • You’ll need a face mask for in-clinic appointments.
  • New patient initial assessment consultations may take place online and virtual assessments / appointments can be arranged for those in need.
  • Click for more about how appointments will work during the pandemic.
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Why Choose Brightgreen Wellness Centre?

We pride ourselves in being a reputable and forward thinking centre of excellence that puts wellbeing and a holistic approach to care at the core of what we do.

Pain Relief

We understand that many people are looking for an explanation for their discomfort or pain or to improve their health outcomes.  We aim to listen carefully to you and what your needs are and together we will plan a way forward.

Registered Chiropractors

The title of ‘chiropractor’; is protected by law; our chiropractors have therefore undertaken a 4/5-year, full-time degree and rigorous training to become a chiropractor.

Multi-disciplinary Team

We are a small team with a big vision to reach out and help you, our community, thrive. We aim to expand our team and our vision year on year to ensure we can always serve you better.


Where possible, we aim to work alongside other healthcare providers to give you access to the most attentive and comprehensive care with a holistic edge.


Our methods are in tune with best practice and we are always researching to improve our approach. We evolve with new techniques.


We believe that our team are approachable, caring, professional and personable. We care to to listen to your issues from your perspective – you know you best.


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