Meet The Practitioners

Brightgreen Human and Animal Chiropractic was started by chiropractor Candice Myers in 2019 to provide chiropractic and wellness care for local families, individuals and also for animals. Candice has been in practice as a chiropractor for 10 years after graduating with ‘Master of Chiropractic’ (MChiro) from Bournemouth University after five years of study. James, Candice’s husband is also a Chiropractor who qualified in 2008 and has recently joined the practice alongside Candice. It is not clear as yet what their son will be studying later in life – he has too much fun to have yet (although drums, farming and palaeontology have been mentioned more than once!).

More recently, the dream to study as a Veterinary Animal Chiropractor evolved Candice’s practice to also offer care to animals. The Brightgreen Wellness Centre aims are to offer the highest quality care alongside local GPs, Veterinary Surgeons, Consultants, midwives and other professionals. The wellness practice hopes soon to be offering Sports Massage, Physiotherapy and we are also in the process of rolling out Photobiomodulation Laser Therapy. Watch out soon for an invitation to interactive and informative days for sportspeople including horse and rider with Grove House Stables.. and more!

Meet Your Practitioners